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April 19, 2015


Flash Fiction Volume 5

February 22, 2015


Flash Fiction Volume 4

February 17, 2015


Flash Fiction Volume 3

February 6, 2015


Welcome to my corner of the web! First off, let me start by thanking you to take the time to visit my page. Here you will find all you need to know about me and what I am up to! Be sure to follow me on twitter to make sure you don’t miss any announcements!

Voice Actor

You’ve probably heard my voice in some game or online somewhere lately! I am so thrilled when people digitally come up to me and say, “Hey! You were that character in that game!” It’s pretty awesome! I also narrate audiobooks and, to a lesser extent, some corporate voice-over. My passion has always been in bringing characters to life. Check out my voice acting page for more info.

Music Producer

I am a remixer and music producer from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. However, my music spans the globe. To find out more, just click over to my music tab and start listening. Artists interested in a remix, please feel free to contact me!

Twitch Streams

I stream regularly on Twitch. Mostly it is doing voice acting for video games live but I also stream songwriting and recording as well as playing video games with friends or solo! Be sure to check me out on twitch and watch some highlights if I’m not on already!



Free Voice Acting Mondays gets Dark!

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More Fallout, More indie games. Jamming! You remember the voicing we did for Orcs, right? well.. maybe you don’t but go click this link and get a refresher! David has been nice enough to refer another game developer to us! This time with another app called “Strawberry Jam Arena!” This one is pretty quirky so you may have to ask the developer joelpoischen all about it tomorrow in the chat! The Darkness In The Dankness We also have quite the dark…


Elijah Lucian – Flash Fiction Vol. 5 – “Flights” Free Sci-Fi Audiobook!

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Flash Fiction Volume 6 – “Transcend” Installment #6 of my free flash fiction series narrated by Victoria Marie. If you like this compilation, hit my “love” button up in the header, or share it on your favorite social network! The Kiss – Kat Miller (Goodreads) Goodnight, Sweetheart – Meghan E. Hunt (Website) She Smiled – David John Wing (Website) Heart And Soul – MrSnippets Album Art: K&E Imaging Download To download this and a new free audiobook anthology every week, simply pledge…


Shrooms, Zombies, And Free Games!

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Some exciting news following Monday's stream! Do some Shrooms Bruh... More on that in a minute.  We had a blast making voices for a newly greenlit game called "Shrooms". It is a beautiful adventure/MMO game by Immersive Studios. I really look forward to a play though of this game from early alpha to fruition as well as casting different roles in the game. We had Victoria do a few sounds for the game which should fit perfectly. We also did...

Voice Acting Power Squad is now on fiverr!

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Check out our Fiverr.com campaign! We are now offering voice acting on Fiverr.com Our free voice acting option is still available! However, due to the massive amount of submissions we have had, all paid work will take priority on the show. We are happy to offer reduced rates to game developers in need of only 30 minutes of voice acting from a full cast. Also, you have the option to just get the raw processed audio with no consolidating and…


April 5, 2015 – Double Chocolate Chip – Not Many Stay

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Double Chocolate Chip – Not Many Stay Written By Elijah Lucian & Mack Savala http://www.elijahlucian.ca/1hourbeats/2015-april05.mp3 Had a great random co-write sesh today! I was just setting up sound and then INSPIRATION HIT! Great job to Mack from Critical Code for writing the lyrics!


1 HOUR BEATS – March 13, 2015 – Fallin’ Into Your Love

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Had fun jammin with errbody on twitch! Thanks for all the lyrical ideas, guys! You know who you are if you like what you hear, be sure to share and hit the love button in the header! http://www.elijahlucian.ca/1hourbeats/elijahlucian-fallinintoyourlove-demo.mp3 Enjoy!


Flash Fiction vol 6 delayed.

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Hey everybody! sorry about the delay.. I will be recording FFV6 this Friday. I thought I would be able to fit it in this last weekend or week, but it has been nuts. I am just finishing my first audiobook written by Susan Minsos (see the book here). It has been a huge challenge. among it all, I have been learning some quite obscure things, the most exciting of which is the Mohawk language! I had a meeting this last…


Elijah Lucian – Flash Fiction Vol. 5 – “Flights” Free Sci-Fi Audiobook!

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Flash Fiction Volume 5 – “Flights” Installment #5 of my free flash fiction series This is a sci-fi audiobook compilation that includes a submission by one of the twitch viewers JayItInc. Thanks a bunch for your submission! If you like this compilation, hit my “love” button up in the header, or share it on your favorite social network! Listen On Soundcloud The Flight – David John Wing (Website) The Last Man On Earth – John Guzlowski (Website) The Invasion – Trenton Potruff (Twitter) Album Art: thlbest…