• Free Audiobook

    Free Audiobook

    Authors! I have a standing offer to record a free audiobook. If you have a short work (preferably flash fiction or something similar length) I would be happy to record an audiobook for you.

    You will receive all rights to the final audio, you can sell it, give it away etc, with no royalties owed to me. All I require is that I am able to use the audio for my own promotion, which will include free distribution and use in my portfolio.

    Take a look at my voice acting portfolio to get a sense of my voice and imagine me narrating your hero’s trials!

First Full Length Audiobook In The Works!

Hi Everybody, Just a little heads up…

I am recording my first full length audiobook this winter! Yay!

It is a historical fiction by Susan Minsos: http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/books/sky-walker-tehawenniharhos/9781926696232-item.html

It should be an adventure in itself!

I am working alongside a fellow voice over artist, Sheena Macdonald. She will be doing the female point of view side of the story.

On the audio side is Eric Andrews of Evius Studios: http://eviusstudios.com/

I’ll keep you all updated on release dates etc!

Thanks For The Submissions

Wow! What a great response to my free audiobook notice! I am happy to say I have tons of works to choose from and soon you will see an “audiobook” tab and start being able to stream free audiobooks narrated by yours truly!

Choose Your Destiny!

Hey everybody, I decided to start my website fresh, if you are here for my voice acting, click the handy voice tab above. Otherwise feel free to browse away!