Being A Skyrim Voice Actor (is awesome)

What’s It Like Being A Skyrim Voice Actor?

I just wanted to talk about my adventures about being a skyrim voice actor in mods and also talk about a couple upcoming exciting mods! I have always loved playing mods and when I found the community, I couldn’t help but try doing a few voices! Naturally this resulted in voicing about 5 characters before one actually was published – but this is just the nature of being a skyrim voice actor in mods. Sometimes they don’t get finished, and as a voice actor you have to prepare yourself for that.

I would take the odd weekend off and devote my time to helping out the modding community. I have always believed that pro voice acting is probably one of the biggest aspects to game immersion, and not everybody has the ability or knowledge on how to make a good voice over. If I could recommend one thing to mod developers, it’s this: Get a script writer! Probably the biggest downfall of any mod is that they aren’t able to create an exciting story. Fortunately I have voiced a few where a lot of attention was put into the script and story aspect – it makes a huge difference!

My main rule was that I always had fun, and eventually Odvar The Afflicted came along!

Odvar The Afflicted

He is still my favorite work to date, and I think a lot of it has to do with the writing. Coffee_Mandibles (the mod creator) did such a wonderful job from the script. If you get a chance please, play the mod! He is a great companion,  and I’m not just saying that out of vanity – He BARFS on enemies!

“I’m a decent mage, and I’m damn handy with an axe”

-Odvar The Afflicted

Interesting NPCs

Another mod that I exercised my title as a Skyrim voice actor is would be Vaughn from Interesting NPCs – he was pretty fun! Just your basic follower, but he is still good to have around 🙂

Skyrim Romance Mod

Recently I was referred to the maker of, and she got in touch with me. I told her about my twitch stream and how I offer free voice acting and casting and what we were up to and we both got very excited at what we could potentially do for eachother! It turns out, that my actors and myself will be doing quite a few companions in the near future! I hope you will join me on our twitch stream on Mondays & Thursdays, and watch the process go down!

A Small List Of Some More Favorites

The Assaulted Doctor

Agent Of Riteous Might

There are a numerous others that I have been involved with, but it’s been really hard to keep track of them all over the years! I guess you will just have to dive into some quest mods and try and find me 😉 Be sure to share this page with your friends so they know where to find awesomely voiced mods!

Need A Skyrim Voice Actor for your mod?

If you are a mod developer looking for an awesome Skyrim voice actor, just hit me up on my contact page. I don’t bite, unless your character is a biter…

Skyrim Voice Actor, Elijah Lucian