How To Give Free Voice Acting To Indie Game Developers & Authors

Ever wondered how $5 a month could get game developers free professional voice acting from a large cast?

OK. In fairness, you probably have never asked yourself this question before, but since you’re here, let me tell you exactly how you can give free voice acting to those in need.

In November 2013, I got the idea on how to support the indie scene and also be able to do my favorite kind of voice acting – short works! Both indie games and indie authors struggle with getting their short works published with any kind of quality voice work. This is due to the nature of how these projects are sold – they usually are not…

Short works are often given away for free, or for a price that barely covers production and publishing costs, so when it comes time to try and include something as expensive as voice acting into their budget, typically the money is not there. That’s where my proposal for free voice acting comes in!

This is an open call to indie enthusiasts!

I request that you, readers, gamers, developers, and authors alike, combine your forces and make sure nobody is left out for free voice acting again! My studio is open to such indie artists three times a week (Monday evenings, Thursday & Friday Mornings) for one or two hours. I dedicate these time slots to creating voice content for games and books.

Free Voice Acting For $5 – Support Us On Patreon.

If you pledge $5 a month on Patreon, you help me get the word out to more indie developers, not only that but you get over 12 audiobooks a month (in compilations like this one)! If you pledge more per month, you can receive more goodies, such as free voice packs, ringtones, and entered in draws to win Early Access games on steam!

If you would like to see a bit of what we have done, either head to our Patreon page, or check out the twitch stream where this all goes down!

Oppa Donor Style?

If your support style is more in the “one-time-donation” category, please head over to the twitch donation page. Which allows me to budget advertising space for my free show! Your name gets put on a list of latest donators! Also if you donate $10 or more, you can get me or my cast to record your phrase of choice for use as a ringtone! Just add it to the donation message.

If You Can’t Support Us With Money, Please Share!

Every share counts, so please share this post on Twitter, Facebook or your social network of choice and help us reach our goals of awesome indie gaming, so go ahead and click your favorite social button on the top right… It’s ok, I’ll wait here while you do it… Now that you’re done that, go check out our voice acting page, or contact me, OR go listen to a free audiobook!!

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