Flash Fiction vol 6 delayed.

Hey everybody! sorry about the delay.. I will be recording FFV6 this Friday. I thought I would be able to fit it in this last weekend or week, but it has been nuts. I am just finishing my first audiobook written by Susan Minsos (see the book here). It has been a huge challenge. among it all, I have been learning some quite obscure things, the most exciting of which is the Mohawk language! I had a meeting this last Monday with speaker Tehahenteh Miller also known as Frank Miller. He was amazing. Not only did he teach me the pronounciations of the words, but told me all the meanings behind them. It was a dive into a culture that, because of my First Nations background, has always been interesting to me. I hope I can do this book justice in these final days of recordings, and I hope you will all take the time to listen when it comes out on Audible.com.

Here is a piece of knowledge that is little known, that you may enjoy.

Thanks for your patience, flash fiction lovers! I can’t wait till the next installment.