Free Voice Acting Mondays gets Dark!

More Fallout, More indie games.


You remember the voicing we did for Orcs, right? well.. maybe you don’t but go click this link and get a refresher!

David has been nice enough to refer another game developer to us! This time with another app called “Strawberry Jam Arena!” This one is pretty quirky so you may have to ask the developer joelpoischen all about it tomorrow in the chat!

The Darkness In The Dankness

We also have quite the dark game tomorrow. The header is a screenshot from said game called “Darkness AnomalyCheck them out on facebook and give them a like! When you’re in the chat, be sure to ask Hassanih about his project!

Fiverr, Fallout & More

We also have our first fiverr campaign buyers! Long time viewer, CTxCB has bought a gig for his upcoming game, “Verbophobia” Be sure to ask him all about it!

Last, but not least, we have our ongoing Fallout New Vegas mod voices to do! That’s for Fallout: The Frontier. Check out the demo video here

We are also putting a few final touches on CDF Ghostship!

Subscribe, Pledge!

Remember folks, this free voice acting night is available because of your subscriptions to my twitch channel and pledges to my patreon campaign! Not to mention the fiverr contributors above!

If you forget when and where this is all happening, then you just have to click over to the twitch tab and check it out.