Shrooms, Zombies, And Free Games!


Some exciting news following Monday’s stream!

Do some Shrooms Bruh…

More on that in a minute.  We had a blast making voices for a newly greenlit game called “Shrooms“. It is a beautiful adventure/MMO game by Immersive Studios. I really look forward to a play though of this game from early alpha to fruition as well as casting different roles in the game. We had Victoria do a few sounds for the game which should fit perfectly. We also did a giveaway for Shrooms. We do giveaways every week! So be sure to tune in and not miss your chance!

Hopefully I don’t get completely sucked in by the MMO aspect of this game, grow a beard and never see the light of day again… maybe I should leave the testing to somebody else 😛

A Few More Indies…

Along with shrooms we did some scripts for other games as well.

Morphogoons was one of my favorites! I love doing announcer voices and I think the dev was really happy with the result. Here is some early alpha footage.

Other voice projects included: Cache & Release, a game for the SPCA and more technical readings for IndieDevBook.


Next up we have our first asset pack voiced. It was pretty fun and everybody in the cast was getting into it. Unfortunately, I forgot to hit the record button so that show is lost in eternity…  I guess you have to make sure you are at the next Monday night voice party! 😛  In any case, the asset pack will be released soon for Unity.

Howdy, Partner!

And now to the exciting news! I am now a Twitch partner! I am going to work on some cool perks for everybody that subscribes and trust me, it will be so worth it! So tune in again and have fun with the stream. I promise all you eastern side of the world people will be getting a stream soon. If you have an idea on the best day of the week for y’all, I would be happy to oblige!

Thanks for tuning in. See you on Monday!!

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