Voice Acting Power Squad is now on fiverr!

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We got a lot more than we expected. Elijah was really professional and the result was really high quality. I would suggest everybody who needs a bit of voice acting to use them. Thumbs up...


Fast and professional work. Very satisfied. Would recommend without second thought.


Great service, quick. Will buy again.


This is a amazing work done by amazing people! The Best VO on fiverr!


Ellijah and his team were absolutely brilliant in every way, they come very highly recommended, 11/10!


Check out our Fiverr.com campaign!

We are now offering voice acting on Fiverr.com

Our free voice acting option is still available! However, due to the massive amount of submissions we have had, all paid work will take priority on the show. We are happy to offer reduced rates to game developers in need of only 30 minutes of voice acting from a full cast. Also, you have the option to just get the raw processed audio with no consolidating and splitting or as a processed full package. If you are unsure about what you would like, come into the twitch channel on Monday evenings at 5-9pm MST and check us out!

Why is this useful to game developers?

We have a full cast of at least 4 people in on monday nights. This allows you to try out a studio for a ridiculously low price, with no “minimum hours” that you have to purchase, simply purchase a slot on the show and away we go!

Please check out our campaign, read a bit more and order a gig!


*note: fiverr.com jobs will be done in the order they are recieved

$5 – Max 150 word script. Read thru, edited and delivered in professionally mastered 16-bit, 44.1khz WAV format.  {Only one solid reading is allowed, no multiple files}

$25 – minimum 30 minute slot on the show. You have a choice to recieve the full recording unprocessed, or ask us to edit the audio for you.

{DISCLAIMER: If you want editing and file slicing done, it will significantly reduce the amount of audio you recieve. This typically amounts to 1-4 minutes of total recordings. Please refer to my pricing page for more info on how long different types of jobs will take. }

+$20 – Get our pro script writer and editor to look over your script and edit it for grammatical errors.

+$20RUSH ORDER – You need things done NOW. Get the next available spot on the show, unless somebody else ordered this extra, in which case we will do the extras first in the order they were received and then move on to the regular jobs.

+$10 – If you plan to make money from your game, toss us over an extra 10 bucks for a commercial license! Every little bit helps the stream grow!

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