Studio Magic – Reaper 5 for Voice Actors


Hello fellow voice actor!

I decided to update my old tutorial series into a more concise, easier to follow tutorial. I have started a new series of tutorials on YouTube called “Studio Magic” so take a look and learn how to use all the fundamentals of creating a great voice over.

First and foremost is a lengthy intro about what kind of mic to use, and what kind of gear you really should consider when you dive into the world of voice acting.

Next, I show you how to open the fx bin and add effects, a very important and short step.

Then comes the world of compression. I take you through all the necessary controls in reaComp, and explain what they do in full detail. You will have a great working knowledge of compression after this video.

A side note on breaths takes place next. Why it’s important to remove breaths in a professional voice over.

Then I take you through the basics of EQ. Explaining the fundamental harmonics, mud, nasal range and breath.

De-essing comes next, showing you how to easily find the sibilance range in your voice.

Then finally, you get to make things loud!

Check out my series on youtube (just click play below!)

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