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Studio Magic – Reaper 5 for Voice Actors

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Hello fellow voice actor! I decided to update my old tutorial series into a more concise, easier to follow tutorial. I have started a new series of tutorials on YouTube called "Studio Magic" so take a look and learn how to use all the fundamentals of creating a great voice over. First and foremost is a lengthy intro about what kind of mic to use, and what kind of gear you really should consider when you dive into the world...
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My Voice Acting Adventures in the #indiesvsgamers Jam!

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Indies Vs Gamers Jam! Hosted by This last weekend I had 1 hour to help out indie game devs with their jam entries. and I ended up doing 7 entries!!! Thanks to all the devs who had enough faith to throw their scripts at me! Below are not all of them, but all the ones that ended up getting published. They are all free, and you should definitely download them if you want a few hours of awesome gaming,...
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June 20 – 2015 – Good Thang

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First 1 hour beat in Studio One 3. I really like the layout of this software, makes it really easy to record, play and edit anything! Just came up with a random hook, I also decided to try melodyne for this one, as usual it doesn’t like tracking my gritty voice… ah well. I guess I just gotta get better at singing. Any rappers want to get all twista on me and do a double time rap?

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May 29, 2015 – So In Somnia

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Was gonna cal lthis Na Na Na Na or something lol. Anyways. I’m digging this little vibe. Decided to do something predominantly guitar orientated then got distracted, but that’s what this is all about. Didn’t stream this one, but I promise I will do the next!

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Free Voice Acting Mondays gets Dark!

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More Fallout, More indie games. Jamming! You remember the voicing we did for Orcs, right? well.. maybe you don’t but go click this link and get a refresher! David has been nice enough to refer another game developer to us! This time with another app called “Strawberry Jam Arena!” This one is pretty quirky so you may have to ask the developer joelpoischen all about it tomorrow in the chat! The Darkness In The Dankness We also have quite the dark…

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Elijah Lucian – Flash Fiction Vol. 5 – “Flights” Free Sci-Fi Audiobook!

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Flash Fiction Volume 6 – “Transcend” Installment #6 of my free flash fiction series narrated by Victoria Marie. If you like this compilation, hit my “love” button up in the header, or share it on your favorite social network! The Kiss – Kat Miller (Goodreads) Goodnight, Sweetheart – Meghan E. Hunt (Website) She Smiled – David John Wing (Website) Heart And Soul – MrSnippets Album Art: K&E Imaging Download To download this and a new free audiobook anthology every week, simply pledge…

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Shrooms, Zombies, And Free Games!

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Some exciting news following Monday's stream! Do some Shrooms Bruh... More on that in a minute.  We had a blast making voices for a newly greenlit game called "Shrooms". It is a beautiful adventure/MMO game by Immersive Studios. I really look forward to a play though of this game from early alpha to fruition as well as casting different roles in the game. We had Victoria do a few sounds for the game which should fit perfectly. We also did...
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Voice Acting Power Squad is now on fiverr!

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“ We got a lot more than we expected. Elijah was really professional and the result was really high quality. I would suggest everybody who needs a bit of voice acting to use them. Thumbs up... Devdennis “ Fast and professional work. Very satisfied. Would recommend without second thought. Nicktziamihas “ Great service, quick. Will buy again. Ctxcb94 “ This is a amazing work done by amazing people! The Best VO on fiverr! charlesmarcolim “ Ellijah and his team were...
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