For Authors

Hello and thanks for allowing/thinking of me to create your written work into an audiobook!

I decided to write this post for authors that would like to know more about the deal and process of making a flash fiction audiobook with me.

How This Process Works:

You send me your work in PDF. I will then record it and send you back a WAV and MP3 master of the recording in a cloud folder. You can do as you please with the audio.

Agreement between Author and Elijah Lucian

Here is an agreement between you (“The Author”) and myself (“Elijah Lucian” or “I” or “my” or “myself”). It is a loose agreement and if you have any suggestions, please simply bring them up in my next email. Anyways here goes:

 The Author must allow Elijah Lucian performance rights in his stream.

I, Elijah Lucian, use the stream to show people the process of putting together an audiobook. This could be useful to voice actors, readers, authors or just people that like to see specific ways of how things are done. Sometimes I get donations during the stream. All donations will be kept by myself. The show I broadcast is every Friday at approximately 9am-11am MST if you would like to come see how it works.

The Author must allow Elijah Lucian to distribute the audiobook in a compilation for his subscribers, both via streaming and selected digital download.

I release a weekly compilation that is available to stream on soundcloud and sometimes on YouTube (allowing monetization – which might lead to around $5 to me). You can find previous examples of this on my Flash Fiction Page
I will also be allowing a specific demographic of my viewers to be able to download the works. You can read more about it on this page: – This is how i plan to be able to get paid at least a few dollars for doing free stuff.

If I want/need to do anything further than releasing the compilation on soundcloud and providing a digital download for selected viewers, I will notify the author IMMEDIATELY.

I am not here to screw the author as this is all for your benefit. I am simply here for friendly collaboration. I promise to let you know if there is any opportunity for mechanical royalties and I will forward any such royalties directly onto the author to deal with! because —

The Author gets full rights to the master copy!

You will always have the right to publish your works anywhere you want, furthermore you can publish the audio anywhere you want!

Now onto you, the author, the amazing creator you are. You get a full master copy of the compilation as well as a mastered WAV and MP3 version of your specific book. For an example of this please click here: 

With this master copy of your work, you can distribute, sell, publish or whatever else you can think of doing with it. The only thing I ask in return is that you always give me full credit. If you make a million dollars off of it, that’s great! Buy yourself a Ferrari! Just be sure my name is on the work (and as a sponsor on the Ferrari) 😉

Why is this free?

As mentioned above, I have a patreon campaign and a stream that both trickle in a few hundred dollars a month. No where near what I would make doing these projects as actual paid work but at least it’s something. This is fine by me and who knows, perhaps these campaigns will start generating enough for me to put more time into them. However at the moment it’s just a few hours a week and narrating books is something I love to do!

You pay me by providing content

A lot of people may be hesitant as to why I am doing it this way but understand that finding content for a regular stream and blog release is very difficult. I do this simply because  I really enjoy doing it!  I have been blessed with many submissions already and I look forward to this adventure with you, the author. Please leave any comments by email or in the comments section below. Perhaps even leave a note for future authors letting them know how you feel about this agreement!

If you don’t want to wait for whatever Friday I have open, check out my rates page. 🙂
In a nutshell: Elijah Lucian gets performance rights and royalties (from his own creations) & The Author gets all Rights And Royalties (performance from his own created content – YouTube etc, & mechanical from sales)
 Thanks again for your submission! I hope I was able to explain everything well enough!

*please forgive any punctuation and grammar errors… I’m sure I just made some of your brains explode by this awfully written post and my editor is still working through the gunk I’ve made