10 Years In The Making – Always Under Construction

My adventures in audio and music production started in 2004 with the help of my first true love, Matilda. She was a Compaq Presario and a trusty ol’ beast of a laptop. I had always listened to the underground demoscene growing up during the 90s which was an incredibly small corner of the internet that made music out of very little. It is what has always influenced me to ask myself, “Do I really need that fancy new synth or plugin?” Music has, and always will be, about the song, the content, the meat. There are countless hit songs where the vocal is off key, the drums are out of time and the performance hasn’t been the best but the song still touched people’s hearts. From this, I always put the focus on the content of the song. I want to reach out of the speakers/headphones and transport people to another world. My performances and compositions will always be the absolute best I can do at the time but I will always be moving forward, learning and growing.

Collaboration Creates Beauty

I have always believed that collaboration is the key to creating something great. I am always sketching and writing. If you hear something that inspires you, get in contact with me (I’m easy to get a hold of) and let’s create something great and beautiful together! I have many programs for jamming and collaborating online so we will always have options, no matter where in the world you live!

1 Hour Beats

If you have followed me for a while, you will know that I have created something called “1 Hour Beats”. This is where I set a timer, open a blank project and start from scratch. No templates, no pre-made melodies or chord combos. Sometimes I pick a random acapella off of CCMixter.org (check it out – a great resource for anybody into collaboration) but other than that, just one solid hour of creativity. This concept was inspired by the demoscene’s (above) OHC or “One Hour Competition”. I have always loved taking part in them and the odd time when you “win” it’s a great feeling though winning is not even the point. The point is to exercise your creative muscle. There is a bit of research done around this one hour time frame as well. Professional Songwriters call this “focus writing” where they take a topic and just go for one hour.  I have found that in the time frame of one hour (after doing it a few times), you can actually feel the creativity build and wane in the time of that one hour. It usually peaks at around the 45 minute mark then quickly fades off into a hum. I urge you to try it and I would even be open to starting some kind of one hour creative open. If you would like to collaborate online or in studio, I welcome you to come work out with me 🙂

Take a look at my blog which I update whenever I get around to it. Also be sure to check out 1 Hour Beats!