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Elijah Lucian – Voice Actor & Casting Director

I have been voice acting since 2009. My passion lies in bringing characters to life in various mediums such as video games and audiobooks.

In my voice acting adventures over the years, I ran into more than a few developers that would rather just hire voice talent from a single place. This is why I undertook training as a casting and voice director. This has allowed me to help place the proper talent in your project – Hop over to LucianSound.com and see for yourself!

Furthermore, I am a huge supporter in the indie game scene. I often take a weekend off work and give back to the community that brought me up. I participate in Game Jams and other free projects such as game mods! Just approach me with your project and I will more than likely be happy to participate (or cast one of my actors/actresses) in it! Take a look me and my cast and our voice acting offer for indie devs!

Video Game Voice Reel

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