Free Voice Acting On Twitch


Free voice acting? Whaaaa? ( <- you )

Yes. Free voice acting. You got it! 100% free. No catches, strings, or any other tricks.  ( <- me )

Well, How does that work?

Hey I’m glad you asked! It’s extremely simple. You submit a script, come into the twitch stream, and we record, edit, and export the lines into a cloud folder (assuming it meets the script guidelines – more below).  You have a license to use the files in your game for free! No monetary commitment, however full credit must be given. Please credit any actors and actresses that recorded their lines. Actors are listed at the bottom of this page.

How will I know when you are streaming online?

It’s easy. Just follow me on twitter, and then watch out for the barrage of tweets and social updates that you can’t possibly miss! We stream at these times:

Mondays 5-7pm MST

Monday nights we have 4-6 people in the studio doing voice over. If you live in the western hemisphere, this is the stream for you.

Thursdays 9-11am MST

This stream is dedicated to people in the eastern side of the globe. Join me on my Thursday mornings as I warm up for work with a few scripts!

But… How do I know what time it is in Mountain Standard Time?

Simple, if you want to know what time it is in MST (my part of the world), just click this text… It will take you to a clock that says exactly what time it in in MST – MST ON GOOGLE

 Ok… Well, the problem is that I am really not comfortable with getting free things.

I totally understand that!! (< doesn’t understand) Let me explain WHY I’m doing this for free… I am offering this service for two reasons. And you probably fit loosely into one of these two categories.

1. I’m doing it for people that can’t afford voice acting, or have such a small amount of lines that they can’t warrant spending a studio’s minimum charge which can be anywhere from 1-5 hours of studio time (up to a $1500 cost!). I take 3 hours out of my week to offer these services to fellow indie scene people, and have a party doing it!

2. I’m doing it for the other half of the game dev scene where they have a budget, unsure on which studio to go with, and allow them to have a free demo of what their game will sound like. It is also an opportunity to promote your game to over 600 new people, these are all people that will be going to your website to look at your game and become your fans!

Actually, I was going to say that I don’t trust free stuff because the quality sucks!!

Yep. It does – well usually it does. Check out our public cloud folder of all of our feeds to see what kind of quality you can expect from the stream… I don’t really need to say any more on this topic, I’m sure. so…

Submit Your Script!

The Rules

I know… rules suck! However, since we can be potentially overloaded with scripts every stream, they must be enforced.

First and foremost, you must have actual plans to publish your game.. This is not to be elitist in some way, but remember there are other people submitting scripts that are in the voice acting implementation stage and they really need some work done. I am not going anywhere, there will always be another week to submit your script!

If english is not your best suit, not to worry, there are tons of people in the stream willing to help out with editing your scripts! Just ask during the stream if somebody will help you out. Also, remember to provide context in your scripts if you have something that should be stressed. Sometimes the scripts are not as transparent as you think and if you wait till we have the script and start recording, chances are it will be too late by the time you actually hear it being done on the stream 🙂

Guidelines (these must be followed or you will not have your script read)

Please submit your script using the following guidelines. Also ensure you are in the channel when your name gets called or we will have to move on to the next script – plus, wouldn’t you want to be there and tell people about your project? It’s a good time to promote yourself.

Name of game/project:

Hopefully this is a no brainer, but I need to tell people what we are working on in the scrolling text.

Your Twitch Name (we will ask if you are in the channel):

This is so we can ask if you are in the chat when we record. Trust me – you want to be there, We have up to 60 viewers at a time and they are constantly turning over, so get in and promote your game! Also if you would like to give a bit of direction that works, but remember due to the time lag, it’s just better if you relax and trust the voice director 😉

Link to game or promotional page:

Hype up your game! We will be browsing your site and your content while on the stream, so make sure you have something to show us!

Your Script ATTACHED:

Yes, attached to your email, please. We use our iPad to read the scripts, makes it easier and faster to get the script in front of the mic.  Any format is good. but remember to provide…


example script:

{player arrives to destination and is confronted by NPC}

NPC: <said angrily> Hey! What took you so long?

Hero: <cocky> Aw, relax NPC, nothing is burning down…

NPC: <still upset> I’ll burn your face down!

Hero: <still cocky> lawl.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Consider Donating!

I am doing this on any free time I have, and I LOVE doing it. I would love to be able to take more time off to put more time back into the stream through promotion and ads.

Donate Your Time Instead Of Money!

If you can’t donate money, consider donating a few minutes of your time by linking this blog post to a few of your social circles. It costs you nothing, but helps us get the word out to other indie developers in need!

One good way to do this is by spreading the word about my patreon campaign! Share it on reddit, facebook groups, google plus, and game developer forums. Give people the opportunity to help me with my mission to expand the world of indie gaming!

Email Your Script


*by submitting your script for a live reading, you are releasing performing rights to your material to Elijah Lucian and his staff for use on his Twitch Stream.

Watch live video from elijahlucian on


Please give credit to anybody that has been on your screen. Always credit the Voice Casting & Directing to me, Elijah Lucian, and then add the actors themselves.