List Of Published Games

Stranded Depp (Steam)

All-Star Dungeons and Diamonds

Etoile Star (Android)

CDF Ghostship (Steam)

Jazon And The Dead

Shrooms (Steam)

Dusty Revenge Co-op Edition (Steam)

Kitty Galaxies (Steam)

Verdun (Steam)

List Of Published Mods

Skyrim – Odvar The Afflicted (follower)
Over 35k Downloads!

Skyrim – Aldous The Alteration Mage
(Hannigus, Spectral Guardian)

Fallout: New Vegas – The Rockwell Pursuit
(General Gunther, Overseer Goldwater)

Fallout: New Vegas – Christmas Special
(St. Nick)

Fallout: New Vegas – Bounties I,II,III
(Uncle Chuckles)

Fallout: New Vegas – The Inheritance
(Courier 1, Hastings, Hawkins, Grant, Cady)

Fallout:New Vegas – Crossroads
(Ronald, Informant, Brotherhood Spy, Legionary Assasin Leader)