Elijah Lucian – Voice Actor & Casting Director

I have been voice acting since 2009. My passion lies in bringing characters to life in various mediums such as video games and audiobooks.

In my voice acting adventures over the years, I ran into more than a few developers that would rather just hire voice talent from a single place. This is why I undertook training as a casting and voice director. This has allowed me to help place the proper talent in your project – Hop over to LucianSound.com and see for yourself!

Furthermore, I am a huge supporter in the indie game scene. I often take a weekend off work and give back to the community that brought me up. I participate in Game Jams and other free projects such as game mods! Just approach me with your project and I will more than likely be happy to participate (or cast one of my actors/actresses) in it! Take a look me and my cast and our voice acting offer for indie devs!

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Voice Acted 10 Games in 1.5 hours!

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Indie Game developers were pleased today as Kaela and myself rocked out pro voice acting for 10 indie video games today on my Twitch Channel!! If you havent, make sure you follow my twitch feed or follow me on twitter to hear when I am dishing out the next volley of FREE voice acting! It was pure mayhem at times but we did stuff all across the spectrum! if you were a developer that used me today looking for the folder it’s…

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Voice Acting Vensday was a success!!!

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Whew! That was a lot of fun! I am totally pooped from my twitch feed. Only did 3 games today, but one of them was a doozie. First off my feed started with a script for a skyrim mod – which has been on my todo list for a while, then proceeded to me acting out the part of an upset child, Santa Claus, and an elf! Then it was up to me to bring out my shady british accent…

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Free Voice Acting – Thursday Dec 11

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We had to move free voice acting Wednesday to Thursday this week due to a fatality in hard drive land. Fortunately I backed up recently so I only lost a few projects. With a clean hard drive we (Chad Caron, Myself and Kaela) proceeded to take requests from developers we found on GameJolt. Take a listen to the folder, have some lols, & feel free to use anything in a folder with the license.txt file! https://app.box.com/s/3kfbqmt93xbjva122fzz See you on twitch.tv/elijahlucian…

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Voice Acting – Ludum Dare 31!

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Wow! What a great experience! I had some awesome game developers request my voice acting for their games, all told it ended up being 8 teams total! I love working in a time crunch like this. Be sure to visit my twitch channel every wednesday to watch me voice act in various projects. Also if you are a game developer just email me with your request on wednesday evening (5pm MST) I will be doing FREE recording for 1 hour. First…

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